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cape wrath trail fkt

At Carnach which I reached around 11.45am, I turned east up the good track to Iron lodge and from there north on the frequently trodden and in my case thankfully dry path to Maol Buidhe bothy. 2018 (7th, Ultra-Trail World Tour) 5th, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), 105 miles. I learned on February’s Ice Ultra, how much I like that: how silent snow makes the world, how pristine, how it makes you run faster (to stay warm), how much better tea tastes. 1st 10 Peaks Brecon Beacons (short course) (CR) 1st Peak Skyline (CR) 18th Lavaredo Ultra Trail. From the station there is an ascent up a rocky path to the eastern end of the majestic Coire Lair, flanked by three Munros. The river from Sandwood Loch was as low as I had seen it. She was in fourth place overall, as fresh as a daisy and speeding up. Day 2: Tuesday 7 May. 15hrs 30 mins. I reached Loch Stack Lodge shortly around 4.45pm and from here was still entertaining thoughts of continuing on to the Cape which would have meant crossing the last 8 miles over pathless moorland in the dark. Still. The Cape Wrath Trail FKT will also see a concurrent UK wide campaign launched under #BreakYourOwnRecord whereby I aim to get over 1 million people outside over and breaking their own sporting or fitness goals, where that is cycling to school or racing their fastest ultra marathon. After reaching the Caledonian Canal at Banavie I ran down the towpath as far as Gairlochy and then followed the Great Glen route to about 1km before Bunarkaig where there is a left turn marked St Cian’s church. Day 1: Monday 6 May. Hall and Pascall knock three days off Scotland’s Cape Wrath FKT Anne Francis December 13, 2018. Once the top is reached the view towards the mountains of Torridon opens out. Kit will be key and I have a feeling I’ll be grateful of my Protec-Shell Jacket and new Winter Tights, which worked really well at the Ice Ultra. Be careful at the start of the descent to Carnach. This was relatively easy to correct as I ran two miles fewer than stage 6 on the Cape Wrath Ultra and therefore the total mileage for this stage was for my day 4 was 43. Runner's World participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. It was easy to follow this all the way to Oykell Bridge, though shortly after The Schoolhouse Bothy I took a rougher more direct track to the hotel where I arrived shortly before 1pm. I’m going to regret that sentence, aren’t I? Cape Wrath Ultra. I arrived at the bothy at around 9.45am where I met a maintenance team and then commenced the climb over to Loch Glendhu in increasingly hot weather. From here the views into Glen Loyne were spectacular. So I wanted to wait till I really felt an urge to lace up my daps again, which surprisingly, only took about a week. In December 2018, Damian Hall and Beth Pascall attempted to break the Cape Wrath Trail self supported 'fastest known time' (FKT) of 7 days, 9 hours and 31 minutes. The Cape Wrath Trail from Fort William to the northwestern tip of Scotland is regarded as Great Britain’s toughest trail. The Cape Wrath Trail takes you to beaches, glens and mountaintops that see very few humans pass by in a year. In winter.”. 6th Diagonale des Fous . Here I encountered firstly a circling Sea Eagle and another hailstorm. Since then I’ve mostly been just running for fun. Ein Weg, dem der Wanderer einfach … There is a trod down to the Abhainn an Loch Bhig and from hear an intermittent path can be picked up close to the derelict rusting fence. Throughout Glen Douchary there is a sketchy path on the East side of the river which at times turns into a “hidden” gorge with picturesque waterfalls. I’ll probably also wear a merino baselayer. On the 2015 Spine Race, we ran most of the second half of the race in close proximity. I kept track of the route using a Suunto Ambit3 Peak watch. Despite the better accuracy I still undershot this by a few miles according to my watch. By the time I reached the bay at 7:15am a full-blown hail shower was in progress. Record/FKT Cape Wrath Trail, 230 miles . Trip Report: Cape Wrath Trail in fewer than 6 days. I was conscious of the need to begin the journey back to Fort William to collect my things as soon as possible and that the first bus from the Cape was around 11.15am so I managed to drag myself from bed at 4am and was on the road at 4.40am to complete the last 18 or so miles. The Cape Wrath Ultra® is a once in a lifetime, 8-day multi-stage ultra running race weaving 400km up through the Highlands of Scotland. There’s no waymarking, it’s not on OS maps and there’s not really an official route; we’ll follow the one suggested by Iain Harper in his excellent Cicerone guidebook, Walking The Cape Wrath Trail. Views from the bealach were spectacular and there is now effectively a path all the way to the bothy at Loch Glencoul. Beth Pascall and Damian Hall are attempting to set a new, self-supported, Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the 230-mile Cape Wrath Trail. The Cape Wrath Trail is challenging and frustrating, mostly because the "Cape Wrath Trail" is something that someone (probably on the internet) made up. It goes through ten places that could loosely be termed towns or villages in its entirety, but few of these will coincide with the end of a day’s trekking. 4th UTMB. We’d only just started, when Ellie said, “I know! There are no signs or posts to show you the way; navigating this trail is one of the things you’ll have to take care of yourself. 4th Transgrancanaria. For the first couple of days I therefore used the "OK" setting which only takes readings every minute and therefore misses any twists and turns and as a result underestimates the distance travelled. Though mainly to my waistline, as I won a huge cake no one else in my family liked and I hate to see good food wasted. As I walked quickly towards Loch Ailsh it became apparent that my original goal of reaching the bothy at Loch Glencoul would not be attained and that I would have to push just to reach Inchnadamph. As usual the views back to the waterfall and Loch Glencoul were stunning. 11th Trail World Championships. But a big bit excited. I was in third place, hurting, but desperate to hold onto the last podium spot. As the week went on and I was more confident about battery life I alternated between "OK" and "best" which takes a reading every one second and is very accurate. Beth Pascall and Damian Hall attempt to break the self-supported FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the Cape Wrath Trail, the notoriously tough 230-mile trail in north-west Scotland, which stands at 7 days, 9 hours and 31 minutes and was set in April 2018. And it’s not really a trail. Here I encountered my first fellow travellers – a couple mountain-biking and a walker headed for Craig. As you might remember, Beth Pascall and Damian Hall attempted to set a new FKT for the Cape Wrath Trail last December. So to mix things up for Cape Wrath, we’ve invited fellow GB trail runner Beth Pascall along. After being reassured another would be there within the hour I carried on the road to the Cape in sunny but windy weather which I reached at 11.05am, 5 days 7 hours and 35 minutes after I had left Fort William the previous Monday. The total ascent for the trip I estimate to be 29,530 ft. David Dean - Cape Wrath Trail (UK) - 2019-05-11, http://www.movescount.com/moves/move285740850, http://www.movescount.com/moves/move286056196, http://www.movescount.com/moves/move286056235, http://www.movescount.com/moves/move286056212, http://www.movescount.com/moves/move286056278, http://www.movescount.com/moves/move286056253. 15hours 23 mins. Cape Wrath (Schottisch-Gälisch: Am Parbh, An Carbh in Lewis) ist ein Kap in Sutherland, Highland, im nördlichen Schottland.Das Kap stellt den nordwestlichsten Punkt der Insel Großbritannien dar.. Der Name Cape Wrath (auch englisch für Zorn oder Wut) stammt vom altnordischen Wort für "Umkehrpunkt". The rest of it, I can’t wait for. A few comments about distances.Firstly my watch was playing up which meant I could not use the "Good" setting which takes GPS readings every 5 or so seconds. The Columbia Montrail FKT is made for casual trail runners with wider feet, here's why it is one of the best trail running shoes 2020. And thirdly… wait, er, who exactly is going to run it? As it was dry I was able to cross the Carron relatively easily and take the path up to Achnashellach campsite. I’ll likely take a Thermoshell Pro Insulated Jacket, too, but hopefully won’t need to wear it much. The current FKT, set by Poland’s Przemek Szapar in April this year, is seven days and nine hours. Cape Wrath Trail. What follows is a report of a recent self-supported solo journey from Fort William to Cape Wrath with the objective of being as lightweight and quick as possible, particularly given time constraints. Der Cape Wrath Trail ist ein ca. Hall and Pascall knock three days off Scotland’s Cape Wrath FKT The fifth-place male and fourth-place female from UTMB 2018 set out to conquer Britain's gnarliest trail–in winter. The dry weather permitted an almost direct northerly (but largely pathless descent) to cross the River Loyne almost where it joined the loch. Hardly good training for Cape Wrath, but a boost nonetheless. If you zoom in on the GPS maps you can see how the GPS track deviates from the track. The Cape Wrath Trail is one of the most remote trails in the UK, going from Fort William to the Cape Wrath lighthouse, the most north-westerly point of Scotland. I can’t wait for all the glorious ouchy stuff, a proper British winter adventure, to begin. I crossed the river to the open moor at around 7.30am and from here headed Eastwards to the cairn on the horizon. I doggedly stuck to the path on the Eastern side of Glen Oykell preferring to take a more circuitous route to the pass between Conival and Breabag Tarsainn in order to limit the final climb. Limited re-supply points mean you need to be self-sufficient for several days at a time. There I was able to sample a freshly made coffee and walnut cake and also received a tour of their innovative new bunkhouse. With the weather and the approaching darkness this took some time to find and it was 21:30 by the time I reached the road at Clachan. We don’t know yet what the weather will bring, but I’m hoping for colder temperatures and snow. Summit Fever Media has just released the film on Vimeo and we watched it from under a nice warm blanket. Encouragingly I won a local 7-mile multi-terrain race. From there I continued over a bridge at the end of Loch Arkaig west to Achnasaulwhere I arrived at shortly after 7am. Even so from Kinlochewe (7.5 miles into my third day) I followed the Cape Wrath Ultra Route which is listed as 126 miles. This time I may have to furtively transfer my custard rations into her pack so slow her down. The first objective was to reach the Oykell Bridge Hotel before it stopped serving lunch. At 17:31 on Thursday 13th December 2019, the pair reached Cape Wrath and thereby set a new winter FKT of 4 days, 9 hours, 43 minutes* I took the usual switch-back route at the end of the bay. The aim was to source hot food and a sandwich for a later meal from one location en-route each day. 4856ft Ascent. It takes in 12,000m of ascent and the dynamic duo plan to do it in less than seven days. Damian will update his Instagram and Strava when reception allows. What follows is a report of a recent self-supported solo journey from Fort William to Cape Wrath with the objective of being as lightweight and quick as possible, particularly given time constraints. Beth Pascall and Damian Hall decimated the existing Cape Wrath Trail FKT (Fastest Known Time) of 7 Days 9 hours and 31 minutes, by completing the the 230 mile trail from Fort William to Cape Wrath, in an astonishing 4 days 9 hours and 43 minutes. Allbeithe Youth Hostel to Easan Dorcha Bothy. 1st Dark Mountains (Long Score) 2017. Trip Report: Cape Wrath Trail in fewer than 6 days. From Loch Cruoshie I continued north, firstly over trackless ground then on a good path to Loch Calavie. At Bearnais there is a path which climbs steadily north up to about 600m towards Craig a Chaorainn though on the plateau at the top becomes sketchy. The ascent soon picked up a meandering path that eventually joined the old military road which I followed to the Cluanie Inn. I carried a 25lt pack with sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, tarp, clothes, toiletries, accessories including power pack, first aid kit, maps, compass etc. Photo Jim Mann, It’s all Ellie’s fault. The next morning (Sunday) I hitched to Fort William and was back in Inverness by 2pm and flew out the following day. On December 8th Damian Hall and Beth Pascall will be starting their quest to get the fastest known (FKT) time for the Cape Wrath Trail which starts in Fort William and goes to the north-western tip of Scotland, Cape Wrath, over 230 miles of rugged Scottish countryside. By Alice Morrison. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Runner's World, Part of the Hearst UK Wellbeing Network. After a couple of miles there is a sign diverting Cape Wrath walkers back to the main track. Beth Pascall and Damian Hall attempt to break the self-supported FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the Cape Wrath Trail, the notoriously tough 230-mile trail in We stopped scheming immediately. UPDATE 18.20 13th Dec - Damian and Beth have FINISHED official finish time is 17.31 some 105 hours and 43 minutes since they climbed aboard that ferry. There are a million different variations, directions, and ideas when it comes to this route. I can see the last aspect especially making me a bit grumpy. The Cape Wrath Ultra® is a 400km, 8-day ultra-running expedition through some of the world's most inspirational landscapes, including Knoydart, Kintail, Torridon, Assynt and Sutherland - the UK's answer to the Marathon des Sables. By the time I had left the path to cross towards Loch a Garbh-bhaid Mor I had decided that reaching the Old School at Inshegra before it stopped serving dinner at 8pm would have to be the limit of that day’s objectives. The last 5km of this path are extremely boggy and tiring only partially compensated for by the great views and I arrived exhausted at the Youth hostel at around 19.00 where fortunately I was able to have a much-needed hot meal. Beth Pascall and Damian Hall attempt to break the self-supported FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the Cape Wrath Trail, the notoriously tough 230-mile trail in north-west Scotland, which stands at 7 days, 9 hours and 31 minutes and was set in April 2018. The Cape Wrath Trail is regarded as the toughest long-distance backpacking trail in Britain. Wrath record attempt in Scottish Winter. This slightly lower crossing of the Bealach makes it easier to pick up the stalkers path just NW of the Bealach. They took it on in winter for that little bit of an extra challenge and in fact had to delay their start as Scottish rain swelled the rivers to depths that made crossing them a swim rather than a run, but despite that, Beth Pascall and Damian Hall managed to pull an incredible FKT out of the hat. I’ve had a decent rest, I think, since Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. As a slight extra complication I accidentally paused my watch for, according to Google Earth, more than 10 miles on day 4 before Oykell Bridge. As the main objective was merely to walk the 7.5 miles to Kinlochewe by 12pm when the Kinlochewe hotel opened for lunch this could be described as a leisurely morning. We’re all passionate about showcasing this country as a place for genuine adventure (we met on the Spine Race after all). I’ll also take a merino wrag, Extreme Thermo Mitts and neoprene socks. The route leads you across most of the north west coast of Scotland via Morar, Knoydart, Torridon and Assynt, winding through its most beautiful glens and mountains. Having subsisted on snacks all day I was happythat my first experience of a self-heating meal was a successful one. Wikinger kehrten hier oft zurück in ihre Heimat. By 21:00 I had reached the point of possible descent and opted to use the steeper descent path that begins near Loch an Fiona. We were delighted to support Beth Pascall and Damian Hall's self-supported winter fastest known time (FKT) attempt on the Cape Wrath Trail in December 2019. 36.5 miles (34.9). 13hours 8 mins. Day 4: Thursday 8 May. Photo: Ice Ultra / Mikkel Beisner. The bus duly arrived and by 2pm I was hitching to Inverness which I reached at 6pm. To spice things up a bit, we’ll also be trying to set a new Fastest Known Time (FKT). I turned off the path eastwards slightly ahead of the loch on the route used by the Cape Wrath Ultra. The Cape Wrath Trail is a long distance walk (approx. We’re primarily running the Cape Wrath Trail to have an adventure, to explore somewhere new, to get our wildness hit (even if much of it will be in the dark). Für den Cape Wrath Trail sollte man je nach Kondition und Ausdauer 15-20 Tage einplanen und jeweils bis zu einer Woche an Proviant mitführen. It was an intense training block leading up to the race and psychologically I needed a break. Knowing tomorrow could be a long day I pressed on a further 2 miles through the dark to the turn off at Inverlael and into the forest. Unless things get ridiculous, a cold snap may also mean better underfoot conditions and less hazardous river crossings. The official start time is 7.48 which is when the Camusnagaul ferry left Fort William. Matt and Ellie, the award-winning film-makers who made Underdog, are bored of my dad jokes. I left the hostel at around 8am from where there is a good path running westwards along Gleann Gniomhaidh to the start of the remote Glean Gaorsaic with its three linked lochans. I haven’t attempted an FKT since my bimble along the 630-mile South West Coast Path in May 2016, which was a really memorable experience, but really tiring (averaging three hours’ sleep for 10 nights). 320 km langer Weg durch die nord-westlichen schottischen Highlands von Fort William bis nach Cape Wrath ganz im Nordwesten. Hugging the contour but swinging North I again headed towards a large rock and from there had a view down towards Glen Douchary marked it is southern end by a circular sheepfold.

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