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chocobo feeding guide

All these “breeding combinations” are detailed further below. 3 years ago. “F-Grin”. FFXIV Chocobo Breeding and Raising Guide by FawksB. He sells Sylkis for 5,000 Gil a piece (told you Chocobo breeding is expensive..). Feeding Chocobos in FFXV In Final Fantasy XV, camping and eating food is a pivotal game mechanic. First, equip your Chocobo Lure Materia. Chocobo Nuts and Chocobo Greens are vital to a successful breeding process. Watch Queue Queue Additionally, equipping two Chocobo Lure Materia (both at rank 3 or mastered) will once more double your chances of encountering a Chocobo over a single rank 3 Materia. Once captured, Chocobos can be kept in stables in the Chocobo Farm; the option to buy stables opens after the party has acquired the Highwind. Home » Final Fantasy XV » How to Feed Chocobos in FFXV, Your email address will not be published. Breed these Chocobos (the blue and green one) with a Carob Nut in order to get a. After that you’ll be asked with which nut you want to feed them in order to make them breed. By having the Materia acquired through this quest, you’ll find your team practically unbeatable. First of all, why should I breed Chocobos? As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the most complicated quests in the entire Final Fantasy series. FEEDING. Quadra Magic – This is a very useful support Materia. Fixed some more grammar/spelling, changed font size so that ‘normal’ people can read it now. Tweet on Twitter. Otherwise, keep following the guide and I’ll mention how many are needed in each part. Top Speed determines the Chocobo’s maximum speed, Stamina determines how long your Chocobo will be able to dash or sprint, and Intelligence/Co-operation determines how your Chocobo will behave in automatic or manual mode, “stupid” Chocobos tend to run in zigzags or suddenly slow down. My suggestion would be to always take the short one. Race the Black and the Wonderful Chocobo until both are at class A. The player must now feed 50 Krakka Greens to a Chocobo, then mate the "wonderful" and "great" Chocobos again using a Carob Nut while choosing the female first. I hope this guide has helped you, and if it didn’t, please let me know, by sending me an e-mail to mike_chocobo AT outlook dot com. Share on Facebook. Renting a stable costs 10,000 Gil and the max stables you can rent are 6. Now you need to mate the same two Chocobos you mated the first time, with a Carob Nut. 2% if you and a friend feed it. Any more data on EXP by rank would be appreciated. Sounds easy? 0. Once caught, you will be able to ride your Chocobo without encountering enemies. Moving up a class means encountering tougher opponents but also better prizes. Goblin Island is found on the North-East area of the world map, it’s a small island shown on the map. FEEDING. In that six hour time window, any fruits fed to the companion will be added to the cumulative value change. The different grades of food raises stats at set rates. These caves contain special Materia which cannot be acquired in any other way. Many players don’t know this, but when you enter a battle with a Chocobo and some monsters, you can determine his type just by looking at the monsters that surround him. If your Chocobo isn’t a male one, reload the game and talk to Choco Billy again, repeating the process until you get a male one (remember, the gender is randomly chosen, you don’t have to catch another one!). The player has to be careful not to exceed 255 or go below 0 in any of the three RGB values, or the change will fail. In this version I have fixed a ton of grammatical errors. Page 2 will be detailing the Racing Side (Tracks, Strategy and other race related information) Before you ask – the Chocobo combat skills suck. His house is located in the world map, at the northern continent near the Icicle Inn (see pic). Chocobo Breeding Guide. This is the section with ‘Pure White’, ‘Jet Black’, metallic colours, pastels, and some others. This guide is should only be used as a rough guide to digging on Eden as it is currently believed to not be era accurate. I truly appreciate each and every one of your emails, it makes me happy knowing I have helped so many people out there with this quest (I will never forget the frustration I had trying to figure it out back then). Press [OK] and the Chocobo will move into the stable. Addition information regarding the Greens used to catch a Chocobo: The Chocobo Farm sells all kinds of greens, some are cheap and some are not. While this may seem as an unnecessary topic, I believe it should be covered. Black Chocobo – The Black Chocobo is a combination between the Blue and the Green Chocobo. Ride, fight and chase with Chocobos. Therefore, the way you name your Chocobo will be your most useful tool in figuring out its type and gender. 56. You can buy different kinds of greens in the Chocobo Farm, but just like the Nuts that are sold there, they’re all pretty much useless. 58. The items vary by zone, rarity, and the Chocobo being ridden. Posted by. You can feed him any kind of Greens (which can be bought at the Chocobo Farm). Your chocobo will max out its level when it reaches rank 10. Here’s a list of approximately how many Sylkis you’ll need to feed each Chocobo in order to reach their racing potential: Regular (yellow) Chocobo: 5 Sylkis Greens Using a Thav. Some of the prizes in the A and S Classes are very rare and powerful, so when you get a powerful Chocobo, I suggest taking some time to do a few races in the A or S classes and reap up some rewards. However, there is one annoying little issue…. For example: Cloud’s turn is on, and he’s using KotR. Return to the Chocobo Farm. You can also win some pretty awesome prizes via winning races. After you get. Go to the Chocobo Sage’s house and buy 20 Sylkis Greens (100,000 gil), feed 10 Sylkis to the Black Chocobo and 10 to the Wonderful Chocobo. Black Chocobo (A Class) + Wonderful (A Class) + Zeio Nut = Gold Chocobo 1. You’ll be asked with what kind of nut you want to make them breed. (Note: Due to a bug in the game, the Black Chocobo must be selected first.). A ‘Chocobo Type’ determines the potential of your Chocobo, in terms of speed, stamina, etc. Chocobo digging is a hobby where you can dig up potentially valuable items while riding a Chocobo and feeding it Gysahl Greens. Travelling by Chocobo beats walking any day. She’ll ask you with which Chocobo you will be participating the race, and what will be the length of the race. You will see a message that your chocobo is beginning to grow new feathers each time the colour changes as you feed, this confirms that your chocobo will be a different colour in 6 hours. 16th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon. Teal. It’s a challenge giving your Chocobos meaningful names when you are only given 6 letters though. The following table shows just how you can find out the type of the Chocobo you have just encountered in battle and wish to catch. Other interests are D'n'D, dad rock, complaining about movies, and being the self-appointed office funny man, which nobody else agrees with. Child Chocobos (Chocobos which were just born) – 3 to 18 battles before they have matured and can be bred. 1 Taming and Leveling 2 Abilities 3 Breeding 4 Crafting To tame a Chocobo you have to feed it with Gysahl Green. FFXIV Chocobo Breeding and Raising Guide by FawksB. If, for some reason, you’ve forgotten how to catch a Chocobo, allow me to refresh your memory. Next up comes Cid, which uses Mime and summons another KotR on the enemy, without equipping the KotR Materia himself. To gain this ability, you must be level 30 and complete the quest line “My Feisty Little Chocobo” which starts with Docette in Camp Tranquil. You should obtain 3 Carob Nuts that way. Talk to Choco Billy and select “Releasing Chocobos”. Get off your Chocobo, enter the cave and collect the Materia. The next section explains how to get them. Basic chocobo feed is found at the following vendors: San d'Orian Carrots can be purchased at Ronfaure regional merchants, cooking guild merchants in Windy Waters, and Aveline in South Sandy. Actually, it’s not a matter of time, it’s a matter of how many battles you have fought after the birth took place. ffxiv chocobo leveling guide On enero 12, 2021, Posted by , in Sin categoría, With No Comments Posted by , in Sin categoría, With No Comments If you do not want to buy them in the Market, for the fruit you need to buy seeds with points of Hunt, with the NPC who sells the equipment, inside the Grand Company (Hunt Billmaster). The way you change your Chocobo’s feathers are by feeding it fruits while it’s stabled. Keep feeding until there is no improvement in the chocobo (generally takes around 40 of either Sylkis or Reagan Greens). Chocobo can appear in different colors, stats, and attributes. Some suggestions on how to easily farm Gil: The second thing you’ll need is some Chocobo stables. TeamBRG - December 20, 2016. His Chocobo will always be faster than your Chocobo, and his Stamina will be better as well. or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. Watch Queue Queue. Sometimes you’ll have to raise your Chocobo’s class in order to breed him (explained below).

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