It’s an extraordinary pleasure to witness the transformation of those who’ve worked with Dr. Pam. I’ve been amazed and awe-struck as I watched several of my clients become more confident, self–assured and positive about life in general as a result of their work with her. It was as if they finally could recognize and fully own their inherent value and worth . . . and with this new inner confidence, they could make powerful new choices that deeply enriched every aspect of their lives.
-Karen McCall Founder: Financial Recovery Institute


No matter what you may be feeling right now, whether you are facing new challenges or struggling with issues that have plagued you for years, today you can begin to create a life of happiness, self satisfaction, fulfillment and personal freedom.

If something is troubling or challenging you right now, you don’t have to work it out on your own. Together, we can resolve and take positive action on those issues that seem to be holding you back from the love, joy and freedom you desire . . . and deserve.

For over 37 years I have been helping people confront the pain, trauma and crises of their lives and helped them reconnect with their inner knowing, unshakable self-confidence and authentic voice so they can make choices that are congruent with who they really are, cultivate fulfilling relationships and experience more happiness, freedom and success in all aspects of their lives.